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January is almost over, and that means we are one step closer to SUMMER!

(...and that means more shorts, dresses and swimsuits!)

Get that summer bod and booty with this quick, effective workout. I designed it to target that booty, as well as give you some toned legs!

Most of these moves are found in the SommerFit Guide (learn more about that here!), and are done without the use of free-weights, so this is a workout that can truly be done anytime, anywhere, without any excuses!

This workout consists of 10 different moves (some are split into left side and right side). Do each for the prescribed time before moving onto the next one.

All you need is 20 minutes, a favorite pump-up playlist (like my Go! playlist on Spotify) or motivational audiobook (check out a good list of some here!), and get that booty in gear!

I'd love to hear from you! Join me on social media (like Facebook or Instagram), and let me know how it was!!


Anna Laura


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