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10 Ways to Keep Fitness Fun

Whether you view your workouts as an outlet, escape, or maybe a chore, it is always best to keep exercise fun and interesting. There are a number of ways to keep an exercise routine fresh and exciting. Here are 10 exercise tips for keeping fitness fun!

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1. Change It Up

It is always a good idea to change-up an exercise routine every now and then to keep you from getting bored, and to keep your muscles guessing! Incorporate some cardio along with your weight training. Moreover, it is also beneficial to alternate between low and high-impact fitness routines.

2. Buddy System

Community can keep you going and can be a great source of motivation. Call up a girlfriend and do a quick workout, like a 20-minute one from the Shine Studio, and then refuel over brunch and catch up afterwards. If you want to join a running group or hiking club, connect with a group through email or social media, and begin talking to members before you meet up for your first session, which will help reduce any nerves. A class or group of people all working and learning together is a great way to meet new friends, and you’ll be able to encourage each other and push one another forward.


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Buddy Workout No Equipment Anna Laura Sommer

3. Mix Up Your Music

Music motivates and helps people relax while doing physical activities. Moreover, it makes the time go by and encourages people to move in rhythm to the pleasant distraction. I’m constantly updating my Spotify to give you more tunes! This playlist will put a pep in your step, and this one will help you cool down and relax post-work or during a yoga flow!

4. Outdoor Fitness Options

Outdoor activities, such as yard work, are beneficial on many levels and can really reinvigorate an exercise routine. A running, hiking, or jogging group is a great way to exercise outdoors with some company, and you can all work together to get faster and build up your stamina.

5. Get some new gear

Working out in the same old gear isn’t going to do much for your motivation, so why not treat yourself to some new gear. A new training top, some new trainers, a nice piece of tech so you can monitor your progress, can all add up to extra motivation as you’ll be keen to try out your new gear. You could also work on a reward basis so that you give yourself a treat in the form of some new kit whenever you achieve something towards your fitness or other goals.


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6. Get Fit With Furr-iends

This has become one of my faves lately (and Lucy loves it!). Getting your dog involved in active time is always a good idea. It is beneficial for both the you as well as your pooch. I know my girl Lucy helps keep me entertained, moving, and motivated… and we always make new friends when we’re out and about!

7. Try New Forms of Exercise

Maybe give a new class a shot! Give yoga or Pilates a try or check out a spin class. Maybe something like Zumba- dancing to music is a great way to release endorphins and let loose after a crazy week. You can meet up with fellow members of the sessions and enjoy your yoga, pilates, or a 15min total body workout together; make it social so that it’s always a fun activity and you’ll never get bored.

8. Explore Your Local Workout Scene

Whether it’s at the gym or in your local community center; fitness and exercise classes are the perfect, fun way to start enjoying getting active. Check out options at the local community center or YMCA/YWCA for available exercise classes. Switching up your routine and location acts like a distraction, so you won’t even notice how hard you are working.

9. Stay at Home Sweat Sesh

I know there isn’t always time to try out a new class, and with the Shine Studio, you can workout anytime, anywhere! There are many ways to exercise at home. You can also use the stairs for cardio, or make homemade weights out of cans. Or, if you can’t pull yourself away from the TV you could even exercise while watching your favourite TV shows, or scope out YouTube!

10. Multitasking

Combine other activities with exercise. Push-ups with your hands on the kitchen counter while you’re waiting for the pot to boil. Squats while you’re brushing your teeth. Use ankle and/or wrist weights while walking, or rucksacking while walking/hiking. Incorporate fitness into daily activities whenever possible to keep things fresh

High vs Low Impact Workout

Keeping fitness fun and interesting is the key to incorporating exercise as a lifelong habit, as well as instilling discipline and achieving goals. These 10 tips will hopefully help you find the fun in fitness and exercise.

Now I want to know: Which of these are you going to give a shot? Let me know below by leaving a comment, or connect with me on my latest post @annalaurasommer on Instagram! I love engaging in the comments, and would absolutely love to connect with you there xx

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