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8 Simple Swaps for Better Eating

Eating healthy isn’t about being boring, eating the same foods over and over again.

How many times have you tried to shed those excess pounds by dieting- restricting yourself to the same boring foods until you’re sick of them? You either get fed up with the restrictions on what you can eat, and then when you stop, you gain it all right back! Most weight loss diets advocate controlling the calories you take in, but your girl here is NOT about doing math when it comes to food.

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So many people are shocked to learn I don’t advocate for counting macros or calories. At the Shine Studio, we’re about NUTRIENTS. After all, you’re beautiful bod craves nutrients, not calories! So where do you even start? Here are 8 easy swaps you can make:

Black coffee + unsweetened almond milk for a latte

When it comes to your cups of coffee, opt for black coffee with almond milk. If you can drink it without sugar, that is even better. Compared to a latte from say, Starbucks, you’ll consume less fat, sugar, and calories (not to mention, you can save $$!).

If you use almond milk be very careful which one you pick up in the supermarket. Choose the unsweetened ones, saving yourself 45 calories each serving. I use Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk with low acid coffee from Fresh Market to make my lattes!

Cauliflower rice for brown or white rice

This has become one of my favs! 1c of cauliflower rice has 27 calories, versus the 205-226 calories in one cup of brown or white rice. If you’re one who likes to eat volume (aka me), this is the swap for you! Tip: combine steamed cauliflower rice with cooked Asian veggie medley and shrimp instead of opting for takeout!

Greek yogurt for sour cream

TBH, I don’t even know why sour cream is still around! Plain Greek yogurt is wildly similar in flavor and texture of sour cream, but packed with protein. Tip: try adding a spoonful of plain greek yogurt to top off your healthy taco salad (iceberg lettuce, salsa, and taco-seasoned ground turkey).

Pistachios over Walnuts

1 -oz of pistachios, like these nuts, has 26 calories less than 1-oz of walnuts, and are loaded with protein, nutrients, antioxidants, and help promote gut health.


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Cinnamon for sugar

Speaking of cinnamon… Cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and reduce heart disease risk factors, among other amazing health benefits. Not to mention, it adds the perfect sweetness to just about anything (including the protein waffles you’ve seen all over my Instagram stories! (Just make sure to get Ceylon cinnamon or stick to small doses if you're using the Cassia variety.)

Sweet potatoes for white potatoes

Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins and high levels of beta-carotene, which support a healthy immune system, glowing skin, and good eyesight, and are much healthier than white potatoes because of all these nutrients. Tip: baked cubed sweet potatoes with cinnamon at 400 for 20min for a delish side dish.

Turkey bacon or sausage for regular breakfast meats

Y’all, I am alllll about sausage bacon, and turkey bacon and turkey sausage is much leaner than pork. I love to toss in cooked turkey bacon or sausage with an egg in a muffin tin and cook for 15 min at 350 to make egg muffins! (I usually cook 6 at a time!)

Infused/Sparkling Water for Soda or Wine

One 12oz coke or other soda generally has around 140 calories, plus lots of sugar. And we all know wine can be hard to let go of... Swap this for water flavored with fruit, like this pineapple water, for a zero calorie option, to cut down on your sugar intake and unneeded calories. Or you can make some “spa water”: pour yourself a glass of plain water and add some fruit slices, such as lemon, orange or lime, for their flavor.

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These are just a few simple swaps to show you how eating cleaner can still be flavorful and tasty! Variety is the spice of life, and the list is endless of the foods you can swap to for more nutrients! You will often find these tastier than what you are used to, and will soon start to see the fat fall away, and your beautiful bod will thank you with lots of energy, glowing skin, and more!

Now I want to know: Which of these tips sounds great to you? Let me know below by leaving a comment, or connect with me on my latest post @annalaurasommer on Instagram! I love engaging in the comments, and would absolutely love to connect with you there xx

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