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3 Total-Body Activities To Try This Summer


For the majority of people, exercise is something they have to make the time to do. Whether it’s running on a treadmill for cardio or finding a 20 minutes to lift weights, the time that takes has to come out of a schedule that is already jam-packed with work and social commitments. While this kind of time-management can be difficult, you've got to agree that it's also incredibly rewarding when you see the way your body changes and improves!

However, while you may understand that the trade-off is worth it, sometimes you can get stuck in the same boring fitness routine. Summertime is the perfect time to try something new! Mix up your fitness regimen to something that offers the biggest benefits in an all-in-one package— a total-body workout! What's even better is that you can grab your girlfriends and try one (or all three!) of these together!

Below, we’ll explore a few activities that offer the most bang for your fitness buck; here’s what you might want to keep in mind…

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Many people think that pilates and yoga are one and the same, and that they are more relaxation exercises than they are actual exercise. This just isn’t the case! Pilates, in particular, can be extremely physical, and muscles you didn't even know you had will be put to the test! Pilates is hard work that will push your body to the limit, and provides that total-body workout you’re looking for! Before heading off to a live class, be sure to grab your pilates mat and mat tote!

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Rock climbing

This is one activity I'm excited to try this summer! Rock climbing is a total body workout that is the perfect choice because of its dynamic and functional movements. This means that every muscle in your body is worked (and worked a lot!) while rock climbing. It’s also easier than you might think to start rock climbing- once you have an idea of the places to climb in your area and have found the best climbing harness for your needs, you’re pretty much good to go!


The perfect activity as we head into the warm summer months, swimming is as much about relaxation as it is about fitness, because it’s a complete physical workout (when you push yourself to swim as fast as you can!). Better yet, incorporate the butterfly stroke, as this move will provide you with a quick, efficient, total-body workout. If you’re short on time, half an hour of butterfly-stroke swimming is the perfect choice to help keep your fitness levels topped up without having to dedicate hours in the gym.


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In conclusion

If you’re short on time and in need of a quick workout that’s still plenty beneficial for you, then any of the exercises above is the perfect choice. Give them a try— you’ll be amazed at how effective they can be in such a short time span! And be sure to let me know when you do! Comment below, or leave me a comment on my latest Instagram post @annalaurasommer!

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