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Happy New Gear!


Happy 2017, everyone! I hope you all had a phenomenal New Year's Eve, but even more important, I hope you all have a phenomenal YEAR!

I am pretty certain there are (quite!) a few of you out there who have some sort of fitness-related goal. Am I right? Good! Then you're in the right spot.

Now, I don't know about you, but I l.o.v.e. getting new workout clothes! I feel more inspired and motivated to give a workout my 100% when I'm rocking a cute graphic tank or some fun leggings. It may sound shallow, but I'm certainly not here to judge! In one study, researchers found that college students who "dressed up" for their tests had an edge over the students who showed up in their PJs, and I feel the same applies to the gym (or your home, or outdoors...wherever it is you workout!): if you feel put together, you perform better.

"But, dang it, Anna Laura! Workout clothes are SO. CRAZY. EXPENSIVE!"

Yeah, I hear you over there. I love me some lululemon as much as the next girl, and I do value quality over quantity (especially when it comes to my tennis shoes!)...but you know what I love even more? A bargain!

And what's better? Chances are, you already shop at these places, anyway!

So here are 5 places I like to go to get my #gymstyle (on a budget)!


Details: 1. Find Your Balance tank (Old Navy $15- on sale now for 12!) | 2. Reflective mesh hat (Forever21, $10) | 3. Sport socks (H&M, $10) | 4. Black and gold sneakers (T.J.Maxx, $40) | 5. Black leggings (Target, $25)

Not pictured, but adored: Fabletics, Marshalls, UrbanOutfitters


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