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Tips to Stay Healthy...Despite the Busy-ness

The New Year is upon us! With that comes a rush of excitement as you embrace the "new you".

You've listed out all your health goals.

Your gym membership purchased.

You've got cute workout clothes to keep you inspired.

You've even got motivational Pinterest quotes out the wazoo.

You're ready! You're unstoppable!

Let's friggin' do this thing!!

But then...

You've got to go back to work or class. That's okay. You planned for that to happen.

But your kid or your dog or your boyfriend or your roommate gets sick and you've gotta take care of him/her/it. Alright, slight wrench in your goal. But nothing unbeatable.

Your professor gives you a surprise project due next week...worth 40% of your grade! Uh oh.

Your motivation is waning...those cute gym clothes have lost their luster. And those motivational Pinterest quotes? Psh! They can shove it.

The worst part? It's only Tuesday.


We've all been there. The feeling of overwhelm can often leave you feeling like a failure. It may knock you down for a second, but the trick to succeeding is, you guessed it...getting back on the horse.

To help you avoid goal burnout, I wanted to give you a few tips on staying healthy when you're too busy to even care!

1. Prep for success

The best way to stay on track during the week is to prep on the weekends. Take a couple of hours and get your grocery shopping and meal prepping done, that way you're not stuck with junk during the week.

2. Move it or lose it

And by "it"...I mean your mind. Even if it's for 7 minutes when you wake up, or after you brush your teeth, or while you're waiting on your Ezekiel bread to pop out of the toaster, do some sit-ups, squats, or jumping jacks. You'll get your blood pumping and be able to think more clearly, so when stress strikes, you can think fast.

3. Walk it out Another easy way to beat the busy is by removing yourself from it. Chances are, nothing HAS to be done right this very second. Do yourself a favor. STOP. Go for a 15 minute walk. And come back to it. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel about the situation on hand.

4. H2Oh-so-good-for-you

I bet you're thinking, "If this chick tells me to start carrying around a gallon jug of water, I'm out." Weeeell... Okay, while, yes, I am one of those people who carries a gallon container of water around with me each day, I won't exactly suggest you do the same thing. HOWEVER. It's much easier to get the water in when it's right in front of you, and you're forced to carry it around with you. And you know, the sooner you drink it, the lighter it gets!

5. Be "SMART"

I personally hate the word "realistic", but when it comes to goal-setting, I will be realistic enough to admit that having 80-gajillion goals is overwhelming and unobtainable. Set 2-3 goals, and be SMART about them! (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) Then break up your big goals into smaller objectives so they become less daunting, and get to it!


Let's hear some tips from you! What do you do to stay healthy, even when things around you seem crazy?



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