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Let's shine.

Anna Laura here! Creative photography is my passion, and as a brand and product photographer at my company, The Shine Studio, I'm here to give back the most important asset you have as a business owner: your time.


I created The Shine Studio to help businesses shine by showcasing their unique story and message through photography. My clients tell me it takes them on average 6-12 hours each month taking photos -- photos that most often do not turn out how they wanted! This is where I come in, so you can spend your valuable time on more important things in your business.

With more people turning to online shopping and the prevalent use of social media, high quality images are a must-have. Allow me to curate high quality imagery for you through a collaborative, simple and creative approach to showcase your brand.

So shoot me a line, and let's discuss how I may serve you in your journey!



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However you happened to stumble across this page, I'm so happy you found it! I would love to share a bit about myself and what it means to SHINE...


I created my first business (a scrapbooking biz!) when I was about 11, while growing up on a farm in a small town in Arkansas. Growing up on a farm gave my brothers and me a rather unique perspective on life: one that enabled us to dream wildly and fearlessly.

When my brother, Tyler, lost his life during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2009, I began to merely exist, rather than live.

It wasn't until my grad school roommate demonstrated to me just how community can change lives, that I began to heal, spiritually and emotionally, from this devastation...

Upon completing graduate school, I spent the next several years obtaining fitness training and health certifications, building a successful women's health & fitness business, and through this, further refined my passion for photography, branding, hosting events, and serving women entrepreneurs.

Instagram became a huge creative outlet for me, as well as a way to create community online, and take those connections to real life! I soon learned how powerful a tool social media could become for women in business and community, and decided to utilize my natural creative abilities to serve fellow female creatives, entrepreneurs, and goal-getters.

It's your turn! Shoot me a line, and tell me more about yourself!


 How about a coffee chat?

Let's grab a coffee, tea, or glass of bubbly and chat about your personal or business goals, and how I can serve you! Click here to set up a time to meet!


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05.2020 Wiley Wallaby June-47